Welcome to Iryna Mologoko Couture! We offer an exclusive range of custom-made and made to measure designs that will meet all your fashion needs and desires. From couture to casual wear, we have everything you need to look and feel your best at any event.

Our made-to-measure process ensures that you'll experience the ideal fit with tailor-made dresses and gowns. No more settling for average size apparel. You can pick the top, skirt, sleeves, neckline, and even add pockets, flower pins, or other embellishments to your dress. Have fun with our custom clothing creator and get creative!

Our Chapel Window collection, the Jasmine Yellow Red Carpet Gown, and the Monique Gown are some of our popular exclusive made-to-measure gowns that will make you stand out at any event. We also offer one-of-a-kind dresses like the Cindy Ball Gown Outfit, Syrena Tulle Wave High-Low Gothic Skirt, and Red Carpet Style Wedding Corseted Gown Set.

Meet The Designer

Iryna Mologoko

Iryna Mologoko is an established fashion designer with origins in the Ukraine and she is based in the District of Columbia. Showcasing her tailoring skills, which originated from enrolling at a distinguished tailoring school in Kiev, Ukraine, when she was 17. She made her first dress at the age of 9! She also has spent two decades designing ensembles and adornments.

Her Story

Iryna was born in Kiev and grew up in the diamond capital of former USSR, Mirnyi, during the Soviet Union era. Her parents' modest life in a remote cold location of Siberia was not very exciting or glamorous, so she used her imagination to invent and create her own toys and garments. In a way, this is what helped her become so creative and productive as there were limited resources available to her.

Iryna left Siberia at the age of 17 to follow her dream of discovering the world beyond her homeland. She studied couture design and tailoring at the best Kiev (Ukraine) Tailoring school at age 18, she has a Master degree in Computer Science and a degree from School of Visual Arts in New York, NY. The future designer spent years traveling around Europe and the World as an IT manager, tailor, graphic designer and photographer before setting up her own business in 2015. She also has been modeling time to times for local and international designers including her own brand.

She began the business with a DIY website, stitching in her spare bedroom and taking photos in her living room. She gradually became Iryna Mologoko Couture, with a professional website and photoshoots, TV appearances, the development of her ‘Mila Shoe Accessories‘ collection, runway shows around Washington DC area and active participation in various charity events.


“My father was an amazing artist, and so from an early age, I was surrounded by an awareness and appreciation of good art and design, even before venturing into the world of fashion. I come from a family of DIY dressmakers, so I was really taught how to sew by my mother…”


In addition to being a talented dressmaker, Iryna also enjoys photography in her spare time. You can see some of her work on this website.


She is renowned for her exceptional attention to detail, which shows through every piece that she creates. Iryna’s clothing line consists of chic and sophisticated garments perfect for both day and evening wear. Her style features a mix of classic designs with modern elements, allowing clients to find their own unique look.

Each design created by Iryna consists of high quality materials and details such as embroidery, beadwork and rhinestones which truly makes every piece unique. Her attention to detail can be seen through her glamorous evening wear pieces that have graced runways across the world. She continues to push boundaries when it comes to creating designs that combine luxury with comfort and beauty.



-Iryna Mologoko

Iryna's designs are characterized by a mix of Victorian and modern sensibilities. She has developed a unique spin on the old-fashioned art of corset making, using only 20 yards of boning to create a perfectly fitted and tailored corset that can be worn at any occasion.

She has spent years perfecting her corset-making technique, and now she is sharing her knowledge as an art in the Washington DC area.


What Clients Says...

"I am writing to thank you so very much for all you did for me and all the work you put in to help create my perfect dress. I am delighted with it and so appreciate all your efforts.

I had searched high and low in/out of several top notch stores and just couldn’t find what I wanted, because it didn’t exist.

You have such a great appreciation and knowledge of fashion, fabrics and respectfully and patiently worked with me to create my dream dress from scratch.

Something that it was only in my imagination you made it real.You are brilliant and very gifted.Thank you for your patience throughout the whole process – which was important since sometimes I was having bridezillas moment.I felt like royalty ever day I stopped by.

I am glad I trusted you 100% , I am in tears yes we had my final fitting today and the dress was perfect. I had goosebumps.Irina what ordinarily be a hugely daunting task of designing a wedding dress, for you it look like a piece of cake. Your guidance and suggestions were always well thought through and the finished dress was simply amazing.

As I told you before, every time you finish a new piece for me I feel the same way… You are incredibly talented and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending and paying you top dollar for my garments.You are simply the best dressmaker I have ever work with.

Thank you again

– Gisella Reginato

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